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Nice to meet u :)

Hi there,

Hey, I'm Zhaolu (Sounds like "Jaolou"😉), I am a research-driven UX designer at UK National Innovation Centre for Ageing, focusing on simplifying complex information systems into inclusive human-centric experiences. 


Previously, I worked as a UX Designer at Sky, focusing on designing Sky Glass TV interfaces, where I improved the user experience of Sky Glass TV onboarding journey and account management for over 500k subscribers.


Prior to that, I completed my MA in User Experience Design at University of the Arts London, where developed my curiosity to explore future possibilities through design and where I completed my final design project FlexiKit to support museums to be more inclusive and accessible for all. I pursued a Bachelor of Architecture degree at Hunan University, an experience that cultivated within me a profound empathy for individuals and sparked my fascination with user-centred design.

All my journeys have led me to who I am now: A human-centred designer with strong empathy and a keen interest in how design can better shape the future.

Fun facts about me: INFP 🌟

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Curious about my design journey?


What am I good at?  & What do I believe in?

Human-Centred Design / UX UI Design / Qualitative User Research / Usability Testing / Interactive Design / Spatial Design / VR AR

"Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent."

What else do I do when I'm not designing?


I met a cute cat in Istanbul!


What other people say about me?

 Thank you, guys! ❤️ 

"Zhaolu is a super star. A ray of sunshine :) Here at Sky she worked and helped design and ship multiple projects including a global TV set up and activation with lots of complexities (multiple stakeholders around the world) and always with a big smile, asking great questions and producing beautiful and organised work"

Flavio Lamenza

Lead UX Designer at Sky

"Zhaolu made a huge impression as the main UX designer on the project incorporating amazing ideas, expertise and ideas from stakeholders, designers & developers involved to create the best outcome possible. She has an incredible way of understanding and simplifying complex problems, turning them into truly beautiful solutions with the customer at the heart."

Natalie Richardson

Lead UI Designer at Sky

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