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As more customers reach out, Kimai, a new startup was having trouble finding enough resources to quickly respond to their questions. These questions could be about things like finding products, checking order status, or returning items.


Kimaï Ecommerce Website

Redesigning the user experience of the Kimaï Ecommerce Website to increase user engagement and satisfaction from various aspects, including Redesigned learning page, and new features such as My Account.

I worked on this project in an agile way in a fast-paced startup environment, implementing and iterating quickly to create a better user experience.

Website Design


2 Co-founders

3 Developers

My Role

UX researcher & designer, UI designer


Aug.2021 - Sep.2021

1 month


I interviewed the company's co-founder and employees to understand the problems the company was facing. Although the company was getting more customers, the customer retention rate was low and there was a heavy reliance on manual emails to maintain long-term relationships, which was not sustainable in the long run.

"I've been spending a lot of money on marketing, like instagram ads and tube posters, to attract new customers."

- Co-founder of Kimai

"There are so many calls that could have been avoided by checking their emails, but customers just prefer to call to find out"

- Customer service staff

Before I started brainstorming design solutions, I wanted to know how customers felt about their experience. So I checked the emails the company received and I found a lot of similar enquiries.
Most customers were asking about the status of their orders and requesting exchanges or refunds, some wanted to know more about lab-grown diamonds before they bought.

"It’s not even a real diamond, why it is so expensive?"

- A customer

" My ring is too big, how should I do the exchange?"


- A customer

Prvious design

Previous design

Main Issue: No account feature

The customers had to check the status of their orders via email, which caused a lot of manual effort.

Old_learn page.jpg
2nd Issue: Hidden learning page

The learning page was under the shop category and it was so deep that customers didn't even know it existed, which led to them having to make inquiries via email.

Old_learn page_detail.png
Old_learn page_detail.png
3rd Issue: Unclear information on learning page

There is too much information mixed up on one page, which makes it difficult for users to find the information they need.

Project Goals

Project Goal: Enhance UX to minimize customer inquiries and improve satisfaction


Objective: The objective of this project is to optimize the customer journey and interface design, resulting in a reduction in customer emails and calls regarding order status and general questions. By enhancing the usability and clarity of the user interface, we aim to improve customer satisfaction, minimize user confusion, and streamline the overall customer experience.

Project Goals

Design, Develop, Test

Based on the findings of the previous design, I planned the product redesign into 2 parts: 1. Account centre and 2. Learning page redesign

1. Account centre

This is a new experience for Kimai customers that allows them to create an account, check their order status and return items. To make the account creation process easier, only the necessary information is needed, such as name, email, and password. For my account page, I used list navigation so users can easily see where they are and know where to find what they need.

Account creation & sign in

Account details page

2. Learning page redesign

The previous learning page was very hidden and the information architecture was not clear to the customer, which meant it was difficult for them to find the information they wanted to know.

I started by redesigning the navigation of the learning page. The entrance is now located in the top bar for easy access.

I also reorganized the information on the previous learning page by grouping sections into separate pages and using list navigation to make it more accessible.

Redesigned learning page


Some examples:

Article page.png
Learn page.png
My account.png
My orders.png
Article page mobile.png
My account mobile.png
My orders mobile.png

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Design System

Some examples:

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UI Design

Some examples of 'Account Centre':

My account.png
My referral.png
My orders.png
Return items.png

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Some examples of 'Learning page':

Article page.png

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What I learned

I had the opportunity to contribute to this project within a dynamic startup environment, where I took multiple roles and responsibilities, including product and UX/UI designer, as well as design system designer. This experience enabled me to gain valuable insights into effectively harmonizing business requirements with user-centric design.

Throughout the entire process, I collaborated closely with the co-founders of Kimai, meticulously comprehending and translating their requirements into actionable designs. This hands-on involvement proved to be an enriching experience, allowing me to garner extensive knowledge of agile work methodologies.


Overall, the journey has been immensely rewarding, equipping me with a profound understanding of versatile teamwork and agile practices.

Thank you
for your attention.

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